The Elevé Project: Ashlyn Mae

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Nadine Leotard

Our next muse is the stunning
Ashlyn Mae.
This Insta beauty shares her inspirations
and what she’s been up to during isolation.

Nadine LeotardQ: What is keeping you inspired in isolation?

A: Watching films and documentaries, reading, listening to rad music, spending more time in nature and finding new outlets for creativity.

Nadine Leotard

Q: Have you learned anything new about yourself, or picked up a new hobby during Quarantine?

A: I feel like I have gotten to understand myself so deeply. I feel grounded and at peace now more than ever. I have always been into photography, but I've been really inspired to shoot and create lately!

Amber Leotard

Q: Have any cross-training tips to stay STRONG while not having rehearsals all day or access to a proper gym/pilates or Ballet studio?

A: I honestly have just been walking a lot and exploring Providence! When I take a class online, I do it more for my soul than anything else. I think this has been a great time for healing- for the body, mind and soul.

Amber Leotard

Q: Where is the first place you'd like to Travel to when it's safe to do so again?


A: A few different cities in Europe, I've never been out of the country and I have been wanting to even more recently! Also, just anywhere my friends are. I'm grateful to know so many beautiful people all over, and I travel often to spend time with them.

Vinzant Leotard

Q: You’re a huge music fan, what are some of your favorite bands or artists? As well as a favorite genre or style of music?


A: A few of my favorites are The Growlers, Fiona Apple, Broncho, The Doors...I love a lot of surf rock, garage rock and indie in general. I draw a lot of inspiration from music and the people creating it.

Vinzant Unitard

Q: We know you are a Vegan and LOVE vegan food, do you have a fave recipe, or product you always keep in your fridge or pantry?


A: I usually always have potatoes to roast, vegan cheese, pasta and lots of fruits and veggies! I love making breakfast wraps, salads, nachos and tacos. I also drink a lot of coffee...

Elizabeth Unitard

Q: On a more current note, you have a presence on Instagram fighting for human rights, as well as being a powerful ally for Black Lives Matter, how can you encourage others to follow in your footsteps? Or where should they begin?


A: As white people, I think the most beneficial thing to do for BLM right now (besides continuing to share information and resources) is to educate people in your real life who need to hear it. Also, support Black owned businesses and seek out Black art, film, music and more! Being kind is the most important value I practice in my life, so I often share the message to treat people with kindness. Have empathy and fight for everyone’s human rights, especially women, POC and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Elizabeth Unitard

Q: Lastly, we would love to know if you have a favorite Elevé Style? If so, which one?


A: Probably the Molly leotard with sleeves! Follow @ashlynmaeballerina on Instagram

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