The Elevé Project: Beckanne Sisk

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Introducing the talented 

Beckanne Sisk.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with this beauty  several times and we have never met a sweeter,  kinder person. Find out what she’s
been up to during quarantine.
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Q: What is keeping you inspired in isolation?

A: Not being able to go into work and dance everyday has made me realize how lucky I am to do something that I truly love so deeply. I can't wait to get back in the studios and will NEVER again take any second I have in there for granted.Lana ShortsQ: What has been your go to ballet/dance look for virtual classes?

A: I am all about the Hotsuit. Naturally I'm not much of a sweater but once I put one of these on I'm drenched! 

Lana Shorts

Q: Have you learned anything new about yourself, or picked up a new hobby during Quarantine?

A: I already knew this unfortunately but it has only been confirmed - I am a procrastinator. I have started doing a lot of yard work and honestly there's nothing better when pulling a weed and you get that root. Also I LOVE the instant gratification of hard work in the yard.Heather LeotardQ: Have any cross-training tips to stay strong while not having rehearsals all day or access to a proper gym/pilates or ballet studio?

A: Jaime Diaz has some awesome at home workouts on his @balletandfitnesscoaching Instagram. Stretching, getting in a solid 30min workout and a ballet barre is a great way to keep strength during this time. 

Heather Leotard

Q: Where is the first place you'd like to travel to when it's safe to do so again?

A: The beach!!! I'd say Italy but the beach is closer.

Cassandra LeotardQ: Do you have a favorite Elevé style? If so, which one?

A: I LOVE the Lilliana Leotard with sleeves. It is incredibly flattering & so stylish.

Cassandra Leotard

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