The Elevé Project: Brittany Cavaco

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Rachel UnitardIntroducing our next muse
Brittany Cavaco. 
This glamorous ballerina travels the world, 
teaches pilates and has an adorable pet bunny. 
See what keeps her inspired during isolation. 

Rachel Unitard

Q: What is keeping you inspired in isolation?

A: My passion for dance! When performances started being cancelled I began to panic and wonder how I could continue to stay motivated without knowing when I would be able to perform again. It was so scary knowing that many ballet companies will feel the effects of covid for years to come. I didn’t want to let dancing on a stage or in a studio be the only way I could dance so I decided that I would dance every day of quarantine no matter where I am. It was also so amazing to see how the dance community world-wide responded to this pandemic. It has been so amazing taking ballet classes and exercise classes with companies and dancers from all around the world! I hope this experience has taught the dance world to be more creative in how we can perform and showcase dance to the world. 

Rachel Unitard

Q: Have you learned anything new about yourself, or picked up a new hobby during Quarantine?

A: I have learned a lot about myself during this time! One big thing that I have learned is that you can always take something negative and make it a positive. I wish I was performing in London right now and dancing with English National Ballet like I was supposed to, but I was able to take this time to work on myself as a dancer. I have stretched a lot and worked on my extension and flexibility, I have worked on my strength and becoming more stable and taken time for my mental health!

During quarantine I have done a LOT of art and DIY Projects. I refurbished some furniture and a bike, made some art for my apartment, made dried flower resin textiles and I have started learning the guitar! 

Heidi Leotard

Q: What has been your go to ballet/dance look for virtual classes?

A: It depends!! Some mornings when I am feeling really lazy a pair of bike shorts, a sports bra, trash bag pants and my hair in a pony tail is how I do class. However, lately I have been much more motivated and on a routine so I like to dress as if I’m in company class. I usually will climb into a leotard that is comfortable and makes me feel beautiful, grab a pair of cut off tights and a matching skirt and throw my hair up quickly.  

Heidi Leotard

Q: What do you see yourself doing after you retire?

A: After I retire I either want to own my own pilates studio or work in art/interior design! Although, my dream is to be a travel/food blogger.

Heidi Leotard

Q: Have any cross-training tips to stay strong while not having rehearsals all day or access to a proper gym/pilates or Ballet studio?

A: It has been hard cross training and keeping up the level of technique and physicality ballet needs while in quarantine. Especially when you can snack all day long! I make a schedule for myself at the beginning of each week which outlines live classes or YouTube videos I can follow! HITT Cardio workout classes are so challenging but so efficient! I also am lucky to have a reformer so I do a lot of pilates in my own home but I would suggest doing Blogilates!

Heidi Leotard

Q: Where is the first place you’d like to travel when it’s safe to do so again?

A: Oh wow, that’s hard to narrow down! I would love to travel to Thailand. I had talked about planning a trip to Thailand in the fall and it’s been on my mind endlessly during quarantine!

Kaleena Crop Top

Q: Do you have a role model?

A: Yes, many!! Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Tama Rojo are the first two role models that come to mind!

High Waisted Lana Shorts

Zoe Unitard

Q: Do you have a favorite Elevé style?

A: Yes! One of my all-time favorite Eleve leotards is the Victoria Walkway of Delight RTW.

Zoe Unitard

Zoe Unitard

Zoe Unitard

Brittany Cavaco

Darian Volkova

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