The Elevé Project: Kayla Mak

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Introducing the fabulous

Kayla Mak. 

Read about competing on World of Dance and her return to training after quarantine. 

Q: What kept you inspired in isolation? 

A: The idea of going back into the studio inspired me during quarantine. I just pictured myself back on stage or in my studio and it made me want to work harder to get back or stay in shape. 

Q: What was your go to ballet/dance look for virtual classes?

A: My go to dance look for virtual classes is a classic simple leotard (the Allison) and some shorts or black tights.

Q: Did you learn anything new about yourself or pick up a new hobby during your time quarantined at home?

A: During quarantine, I played football with my siblings and I learned that I can throw a tight spiral with a football!

Q: Have any cross-training tips to stay strong while not having rehearsals all day or access to a proper gym/pilates or ballet studio?

A: My sister and I usually go on walks or runs together and we use the app ZombiesRun! It is a simulator that gives you a story while you're running and you get chased by zombies!

Q: Do you train near home or did you have to travel?

A: I am training locally and I just got my license so I have been driving to dance!

Q: Are you back at school? If so, in person or virtual?

A: Yes, I have gone back to training and it feels so good to be back in a studio! My high school is doing a hybrid system so I go to school 2 days a week and do virtual the rest of the week. My studio is currently doing in person classes, using social distance and masks in the studio.

Q: What type of safety protocols has your school implemented to get everyone back to the studio?

A: The front desk takes my temperature, we are required to wear our our masks in and outside of the studio, and we must practice social distancing. My town is taking close precautions to protect me and my community from the virus.

Q: What was it like competing on NBC's World Of Dance?

A: It was surreal competing on World Of Dance. The contestants, crew, and judges were so genuine and caring. It was an absolute dream to be there and I still cannot believe I had this opportunity. When I competed, I was overwhelmed with love in my heart by the stage and audience.

Q: How was competing on World Of Dance different from other competitions you've competed in?

A: World Of Dance was different because I was training to dance on television which means the movements are much bigger and full out! I also had different coaches that would tweak my routine to make it presentable for the judges.

And finally...

Q: Do you have a favorite Elevé style? If so, which one?

A: My favorite Elevé style is the Allison leotard.