The Elevé Project: Kelsey Ivana Hellebuyck

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We're Collaborating with world renowned
Dance Photographer Darian Volkova
to take you inside the homes of
Ballerinas wearing custom Elevé Dancewear.

Meet our first muse the incredibly delightful  

Kelsey Ivana Hellebuyck.

Q: What keeps you inspired in isolation?

A: Taking classes from MANY different teachers around the world all from my apartment has made having a less than perfect studio space feel a bit more manageable, keeping my perspective fresh. I have been focusing on ways to train and condition my technique back to basics; to work smarter, not harder.


Q: What has been your go-to Ballet/Dance look for virtual classes?

A: I've been having a lot of fun putting looks together for our daily Kansas City Ballet virtual classes, trying something wild I may not wear if I was in the studio for class, or 6 hrs of rehearsal. I've been wearing colored or patterned tights, fun hairstyles, and mixing street or athleisure wear with my favorite Elevé separates and skirts.

Q: Have you learned anything new about yourself, or picked up a new hobby during Quarantine?

A: I've learned though I am an extreme advocate for "ME TIME" as I call it, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH! I miss my friends. I miss the daily ritual of class together in the studio and the support from my fellow artists day in and day out: working towards a common goal, performing, growing as an artist, and A SPRUNG FLOOR.



Q: Where is the first place you'd like to Travel to when it's safe to do so again?

A: "Carmel By the Sea/Monterey California! It's Not too far from where I grew up in San Francisco, just a little over two hours. It is where I feel most at home there right by the crisp cool water of the sea."

Q: Do you have a Favorite ELEVÉ Style?

A: Hah! That is like asking a parent who their favorite child is! But if you don't tell the others, I have a soft spot for my Jessica leo in Mallard. Every time I put it on I just feel sleek, elegant, and sexy! Also the color of the velvet is just so VIVID and LUSH!

Stay tuned for new featured dancers all summer long